Our Services


Diagnostic Services

Full dental exams • Digital x-rays • Emergency dental exams and x-rays


Dental Hygiene Services

Education • Adult and child cleanings • Deep Cleanings (Scaling and root planning) • Fluoride treatments • Sealants • Silver Diamine Fluoride • Local delivery antibiotics


Periodontal Services

Consultations and complete periodontal examinations • Non-surgical Treatments (deep cleanings or “scaling and root planning” and local delivery antibiotics) • Pocket Depth Reduction • Regenerative Procedures • Crown Lengthening • Soft Tissue Grafts (gum grafts) • Correction of Tongue and Lip Ties (frenectomy) • Biopsies


General Dentistry Services

Composite (white) fillings • Emergency treatment or referrals • Extractions (tooth removal) • Cosmetic dentistry (including in office ZOOM whitening and at home teeth whitening) • Crowns and bridges • Complete dentures and partial dentures • Endodontics (root canals) • Implants • Referrals to specialty services when needed


Pediatric Dentistry Services (For Kids)

Exams and digital x-rays • Cleanings • Fillings • Stainless Steel Crowns • Laser tongue and lip tie consultation and correction • Interceptive orthodontics • Referrals to pediatric specialists or orthodontists when needed

Full Service Compassionate Care

We are pleased to offer full service, comprehensive dental care.

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