Cynthia Burr CDA,RDH, BS, CPHDH, OMT

Cindy began her career as a Certified Dental Assistant and then received her Associates of Science in Dental Hygiene from Tunxis Community College. She then received a Bachelor of Science from the American College of Holistic Nutrition with a minor in Herbology. She is Laser Certified and is Local Anesthesia Endorsed.She earned a Certified Public Health Dental Hygienist from the New Hampshire Technical Institute and is a current member of the Region 1 DMORT (Disaster Mortuary Response Team) and has studied forensic dental identification at the Armed Institute of Pathology in Bethesda, MD. She is currently working with myofunctional therapy with a special interest in tongue tie.

Cindy and her husband enjoy skiing, hiking, fly fishing and numerous outdoor activities.

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